Bike Night Asia Whereabouts: Imprint Cafe by Imprint Customs

Bike Night Asia Whereabouts: Imprint Cafe by Imprint Customs
It is without a doubt that when you talk about riding jerseys, most people will think of Imprint Customs. From riding jerseys to helmets, Imprint Customs is a shop that you can rely on for quality and bang-for-the-buck products. Gian Lasam, the owner of Imprint Customs, wanted to do something that he really loves, something that he will never get tired of, and that's motorcycles and everything related.

Imprint Customs has been around for a couple of years now, and you will see their awesome jerseys just about anywhere, worn by most of the riders. Who wouldn't? The designs are awesome, the fabric quality and comfort are just sublime, and you get what you pay for for the price. But Gian wasn't going to stop there. He wasn't going to settle on just offering comfort to what riders wear. He wanted a place where riders could stay and get together, a place where riders could call home.

Enter Imprint Cafe. Situated along the famous Marilaque Highway, Imprint Cafe is a haven before going up to Marilaque or before heading home from a ride. A place where riders can meet up, chill out, and gear up for a ride. 

They offer a variety of menu items, from must-try foods to expertly crafted beverages. Imprint Cafe is a second-wave coffee shop that offers your basic coffee options, which use locally produced arabica beans for them coffee savvies, and non-coffee options for those who like it a bit mellow. Just like the owner, the cafe doesn't stop there. If coffee isn't your vibe, they also offer craft beers and spirits for a chill Friday night. 

They don't come short of the menu items as well as Imprint Cafe offers many choices from quick bites to main menus so they fit on your every tambay needs.

If you guys are looking for a cool place to stop by or meet up, Imprint Cafe isn't going to disappoint. From gears, quality food and an awesome service, you can never go wrong with Imprint Cafe. Personally? This is going to be my and my friend's hangout place for sure. 

*Author's tip: Try out their Tapa and Lasam's Lengua and Dado's Caldereta (Their family's own recipe.)
Give 'm a visit at 322B Marcos Highway, Antipolo, Philippines

Thank you, Sir Gian for allowing us to cover your awesome place!

All photos are shot by Learn and Teach Photography / Richard Cruz Torres