Michelin Motorcycle Tires Breakfast Ride in Dingalan, Aurora

Michelin Motorcycle Tires Breakfast Ride in Dingalan, Aurora
On April 22, 2024, almost 60 motorcycle riders from different parts of Luzon gathered at ALJEN Riders World in Cabanatuan for the much-anticipated Michelin Motorcycle Tires Breakfast Ride in Dingalan, Aurora. This event attracted a diverse group of riders, ranging from big bike aficionados to scooter enthusiasts, and featured some of the most prominent names in the local motorcycle community.

The meeting point at ALJEN Riders World buzzed with excitement as the participants arrived. Notable ambassadors for Michelin Motorcycle Tires were present to lend their support and add a touch of celebrity to the event. Motomoy made an entrance with his legendary Aerox, representing the scooter category. Jao Moto joined on his Super Sports bike, while MoTour brought his adventure riding expertise to the mix.

Before setting off, the riders were briefed on the day's route and safety guidelines. At 6 a.m., they hit the road, creating an impressive procession of motorcycles heading towards the first checkpoint at the Gabaldon Welcome Arch. The ride was smooth and filled with fun as the group traversed scenic landscapes and winding roads.

The next stop was the "I Love Dingalan" marker, a popular photo spot where the riders paused to capture memories and take in the stunning views. The morning air was crisp, and the energy among the riders grew stronger as they shared stories and laughter.

Continuing along the route, the group made its way to the Dingalan - Baler Road View Point, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and sea dubbed as the "Batanes of the East". The riders took a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of the area before heading to their final destination for the morning.

The ride concluded with a brunch at Nhorwin's Seafood Restaurant, where the participants were treated to Dingalan's finest seafood cuisine. The spread included a variety of shrimp, and other delicacies, delighting the riders and providing a perfect ending to the morning's adventure.

Michelin, the event's sponsor, expressed its gratitude to the participants by providing them with branded goodies as a token of appreciation, from caps, to tumblers, every one was able to get one. The riders left with full stomachs, great memories, and a renewed sense of community making them look forward to the next one.

Overall, the Michelin Motorcycle Tires Breakfast Ride in Dingalan, Aurora was a success. It brought together riders from different backgrounds and interests, united by their passion for motorcycles and their love for the brand. The event not only showcased the beauty of Dingalan but also provided a sense of value to how their tires performs and how the brand takes care of their clients.