One Garage North Grand Opening - Motodeck's Dream Haven for Motorcycle Riders

One Garage North Grand Opening - Motodeck's Dream Haven for Motorcycle Riders
Motodeck, one of the most well-known motovloggers in the Philippines, opened One Garage North, a one-stop store that serves a variety of riding demands, in San Rafael, Bulacan, fulfilling a lifelong goal. Industry heavyweights including SEC, MTRT, and Motoworld sponsored the grand opening, which brought together motorcyclists, fans, and notable figures for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

More than just a shop, One Garage North is a sanctuary for motorcyclists looking for premium gear and expert services. Situated in a popular area where motorcycle riders often take a break, the store offers a wide range of merchandise, including the highly sought-after Truepa merchandise, along with a carefully chosen assortment of clothing and accessories from top brands including SEC, MTRT, and Motoworld.

Fans had the opportunity to interact with their favorite motovlogger and other well-known figures in the motorcycling world in addition to shopping at the grand opening. Motodeck himself, along with his wife Mamu, Strong Papa, Kuya Mao of Shed Culture, Tami, Nikki, Jhe-ar, Upodworx, Gaspol Boys, and others, attended the meet and greet. Fans had the chance to meet, greet, and share their love of motorbikes with their idols, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

An installation showcasing Motodeck's bikes across his riding career is one of the store's centerpieces. Fans were able to see the progression of Motodeck's love for motorbikes from the beginning to the end, from his leisurely rides to the racetrack, offering a nostalgic trip through his motovlogging career.

Without a doubt, the event's high point was the live reconstruction of Motodeck's renowned Yamaha Fino - his first motorcycle, which he lovingly called Finix. The enthusiasts were present for the assembly, watching with bated breath as the knowledgeable One Garage team successfully restored the legendary bike. In order to provide a concrete reminder of their presence during the historic rebuild, fans were asked to write their names on the bike's fairings, adding a special and participatory touch.

Leaders in the industry including SEC, MTRT, and Motoworld lent their full support to the grand opening, demonstrating how well-recognized Motodeck is in the motorcycle community. Their presence gave the event an additional air of importance and highlighted the teamwork required to develop a location that genuinely meets the demands and preferences of riders.

One Garage North stands as a testament to passion, dedication, and the vibrant community that surrounds the world of motorcycles. As Motodeck continues to inspire and connect with his audience, the grand opening event marks a significant milestone in his journey. The store not only offers quality products and services but also serves as a gathering place for riders to share their love for two-wheel adventures. Motodeck's dream has become a reality, and One Garage North is poised to become an iconic destination for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Photos are shot by: Jas Arocena (Jas A Second) | Edriel Uri (Ideth Moto)