Rider's Passion: Billy Pulido and his hobby - Photography and Riding.

Shot by Learn and Teach Photography

Billy, one of the sought for photographers in Marilaque has been riding motorcycle (XRM 125) since his high school days but nowadays, he uses his motorcycle (Aerox 155) to take him to where the action for photography is whether it is for an event or his hobby - freezing the glorious moments of the motorcycle riders as they ride.

Shot by Learn and Teach Photography

His passion for photography didn't start on Marilaque as a matter of fact, he started as an event photographer for their company as suggested by one his superiors way back 2018 but this came to a halt when the pandemic hit. Since his work's operation stopped, he decided to go back to Tanay and continued to work at home.

His passion for photography didn't stop there though, he decided to buy a new ride and since he knows that there are these "Maniniyots" along the stretch of Marilaque, he decided to try it out and got hooked.

Why does he ride a motorcycle? He grips the throttle to places he's never been to for leisure, he does this to relieve stress and escape from the everything even if it is just for a while. "Freeing ng pakiramdam" according to him since there aren't anything holding you from what you see and where you wanna go unlike riding a car.

He primarily does these shots in the streets for satisfaction not just for the riders but for himself and the knowledge that he gets from it every time he is out taking photos. He learns a thing or two every time he's either shooting or editing the photos, he gets to try new techniques and style for each session that might seem just the same look once posted on the social media but that photo has been on a painstaking process. He gets to help riders to have an awesome ride and their glorious photos taken.

Being a rider and a photographer at the same time does have its downsides too as his budget gets to be divided to spending some for his bike and the other for the gear he needs for photography. He needs to carry the heavy camera gear on his back to take awesome photos early in the morning but according to him, the pros outweighs the cons and the result is worth the struggles.

The best thing about the whole rider and photographer experience according to Billy is that he gets to meet new people with the same mindset and document his ride though his short vlogs and the photos he takes. The places he gets to visit whenever he wants, the people he gets to join and the overall fun of riding a motorcycle.

All of these experiences and struggles he gets from every ride and photography session is aimed to one thing, just like everybody else, to be one of the best. To be labeled on the same level as Jijo de Guzman (Canon Ambassador) a multi-genre photographer soon. 

This is Billy Pulido and this is his Passion.

Wanted to see more of his portfolio? Visit his Facebook page through this link: https://www.facebook.com/bpulidovisuals and his website: https://billypulido.com/