Shell Advance Ride ng Buhay Mo - Clark Pampanga

Shell Advance Ride ng Buhay Mo - Clark Pampanga
Motorcycle enthusiasts and now airmen have gathered once again to participate in the Shell Advance Ride ng Buhay Mo Nationwide Tambike event, this time in Air Force City Park, Pampanga. The event brought together riders, brands, and sponsors in a celebration of the different riders and their stories about why and where they ride.

Several brands took center stage at the event, contributing to its success and making the event not only to enjoy the camaraderie but also the promos and discounts that the brand has to offer. Overdose Moto Supply, a trusted name in the motorcycle accessories industry, provided riders with top-notch riding gear, ensuring both style and safety on the road. Red Bull Supreme kept the energy levels high, providing a boost to participants throughout the day. This is a brand that has been supporting us from the start of these tambikes that we've been making with Shell Advance.

Imprint Customs, known for their excellent riding jersey design and quality fabrics, has wowed the attendees with their newest line-up of riding jerseys and awesome discounts only for the said event. Kawasaki Leisure Bikes Clark Pampanga, a prominent player in the motorcycle industry, presented a stunning array of bikes, captivating the audience with their innovation and performance.

Participants were not only treated to a day of music with Mana John and displays but also walked away with exciting giveaways from leading sponsors. HJC Helmets Philippines contributes to rider safety by providing quality helmets to lucky winners. HANC Additive, specializing in helmet accessories, offered innovative helmet hooks and chin mounts to enhance the riding experience.

Overdose Moto Supply, in addition to showcasing their riding accessories, generously gave away products that added style and functionality to participants' motorcycle gear, like bags and varius helmet sprays. Kawasaki Leisure Bikes delighted attendees with exclusive riding jerseys, creating a sense of unity and pride among the participants. Shell Advance, the driving force behind the event, equipped riders with essential rider kits, ensuring they were fully prepared for the road ahead.

It has been an awesome ride for us at Bike Night Asia to travel with Shell Advance and our sponsors to hear and witness the stories that our fellow riders have to share. No barriers can really hinder a group of people if they have the same mindset and passion. We are fortunate enough to be able to witness how great this community can be, and we look forward to the stories that the riders will share with us in the future. As we close the year and look back on the experiences we have gathered with everyone, it is safe to say that the coming years for the riding community are bright and full of possibilities. 2023 is the only thing that will end, but Shell Advance Ride ng Buhay Mo will continue next year to hear more stories from the places we've never been. See you at the next one!