Welcome to the Dog House: Grand Opening of Mutt Motorcycles in White Plains, Quezon City

Welcome to the Dog House: Grand Opening of Mutt Motorcycles in White Plains, Quezon City
Celebrating the spirit of camaraderie and freedom, Mutt Motorcycles proudly opened its doors in White Plains, Quezon City, marking a new chapter for motorcycle enthusiasts in the heart of Metro Manila. The grand opening, named "Welcome to the Dog House," showcased the unique and stylish world of Mutt Motorcycles, attracting a diverse crowd of riders and enthusiasts.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed delegates from Mutt Motorcycles Singapore. Jules and Gervyn, representing the Mutt Motorcycles family, were on hand to witness the unveiling of the new Mutt Motorcycles showroom in White Plains. Their presence underscored the brand's commitment to expanding its influence in the region and growing a global community of motorcycle enthusiasts starting from the heart of the Metro.

Users of Mutt Motorcycles from all across Metro Manila came together to celebrate the occasion, each proudly displaying their customized bikes both Mutt's and other manufacturers as well. The brand's emphasis on uniqueness and self-expression was mirrored in the variety of styles and customizations. Mutt Motorcycles has made a name for itself as a leader for riders looking for the ideal fusion of traditional style and cutting-edge functionality.

Notable figures from the Philippine motorcycle scene added to the excitement of the grand opening. Renowned journalist and motorcycle enthusiast, Jay Taruc, was present to share his insights on the evolving landscape of motorcycling in the country. Media entities from the motorcycle community were out in full force, capturing every moment of the grand opening. The media coverage not only highlighted the new showroom but also emphasized the cultural impact of Mutt Motorcycles on the local motorcycle scene.

The "Welcome to the Dog House" event highlighted the communal spirit of Mutt Motorcycles in addition to the slick and fashionable motorcycles. The mood was infused with the common love of the wide road and the special relationship that develops between riders who select Mutt Motorcycles as their reliable travel partner.

The grand opening of Mutt Motorcycles in White Plains, Quezon City, marks once again the beginning of an exciting era for motorcycle enthusiasts in Metro Manila which also dates back to when they have opened their first showroom in Balintawak. Mutt Motorcycles has made a name for itself in the Philippine motorbike scene thanks to its unique aesthetic, global reach, and active community support. All motorcyclists are cordially invited to join this thrilling two-wheeled adventure as the "Dog House" opens for business.

Visit their newest showroom at Unit 107, WPL Bldg., Katipunan Ave, Quezon City and book a test ride now!