Tambike Nights with MotoMarket at MotoTowne

Tambike Nights with MotoMarket at MotoTowne
This weekend, motorcycle riders are in for an awesome tambike as MotoTowne rolls once again into town on April 19th - 21st, 2024. Hosted at the BridgeTowne exhibition grounds, this scheduled event promises to be an awesome celebration of all things motorcycle-related. Among the highlights of the weekend are the debut showcases by MotoWorld, featuring the latest innovations in rider communication and safety gear.

The latest in Sena Intercom's lineup

MotoWorld, a leading name in motorcycle accessories and technology, is set to make waves with the launch of their highly anticipated Sena Intercom Lineup. Renowned for their cutting-edge communication systems tailored for riders, Sena has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in motorcycle intercom technology.

At MotoTowne, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the groundbreaking features of Sena's newest lineup, putting the 50s on the highlight. Whether it's rider-to-rider communication, hands-free calling, or seamless integration with GPS navigation, the Sena Intercom Lineup promises to revolutionize the way motorcyclists stay connected on the road.

Elevating Rider Safety with Dainese's D Air Systems

In addition to the excitement surrounding Sena's debut, MotoWorld will also showcase Dainese's revolutionary D Air Systems and their Smart Jacket. Dainese, a globally recognized leader in motorcycle safety apparel, has long been at the forefront of innovation in protective gear for riders.

The D Air Systems represent the pinnacle of Dainese's commitment to rider safety, utilizing advanced sensors, GPS, and AI algorithms that provide real-time monitoring of the rider's movement and environmental conditions, processing data 1,000 times per second. This system protects the rider's back and vital parts using an equivalent of seven back protectors without compromising movement or comfort.

With MotoTowne set to be a place where motorcycle riders meet, the debut showcased by MotoWorld promises to be a highlight of this weekend. From the groundbreaking communication capabilities of Sena's Intercom Lineup to the unparalleled safety offered by Dainese's D Air Systems, riders are in for an unforgettable experience at this year's event.